SD Card and USB Data Recovery

SD Card and USB Data Recovery

These days almost everyone uses SD cards to store pictures or videos on them. Every smaller portable camera needs an SD card to be able to take pictures. A lot of those people don’t really think about securing those pictures or videos and because of that lack of security people get frustrated and mad when they lose data from the SD card.

What are SD cards

SD Card and USB Data Recovery

SD cards or Secure Digital is a type of flash memory that is mostly used in digital cameras or cell phones to expand the memory. They are used to store all kind of data like pictures, videos, documents, applications and much more. You can find them in many different capacities that are ranging from 256 MB to 128 GB everything that has larger capacity is considered to be an external hard drive. Some of the best SD card manufacturers are SanDisk, Toshiba, and Panasonic.     No matter the quality of them any SD card can have a data loss. When that happens you need to act quickly and recover any lost or deleted data before you overwrite it by accident.

SD Card Recovery Software

To have a good and reliable software is important if you want to recover your lost or deleted files from SD card.

CardRecovery is maybe the most popular one for recovering lost data from SD cards. It can recover deleted, formatted, lost or corrupted files. The interface is wizard-styled that offers the users a simple and easy way to recover files from SD. It supports all kind of brands SanDisk, Toshiba, Lexar, Transcend and more. If you know what are you doing it will take you probably less than 10 minutes to recover any lost data from your SD card. When you accidentally delete let’s say a picture, the picture will not be fully erased from the SD card. To prevent overwriting the memory, make sure not to put any additional pictures on that SD card SD Card and USB Data Recoverybefore you recover everything you need from them. The CardRecovery software is easy to use, all you need to do is to enter the drive letter, camera and file type and a destination folder where the software will save all the recovered files.

To be able to use any recovery software you need to have the camera appear as a Drive letter when it is connected to a computer. If there is no drive letter you might need an SD card reader installed to allow recovery software to work and access your SD card. Many computers have already a built-in card reader.

There is a lot of different data recovery software packages on the internet, usually, to use them you need to buy the software. Some of them are not worth the money because they are not doing a good job at recovering the lost files. So, before purchasing make sure to do a good research on the software.

However recovering Data from a Hard drive, SD card or any other storage device is a complicated process. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to losing your data forever, so it is best to leave recovering data to professionals who will recover any data using powerful recovering tools.

Tools to Prevent Hard Drive Failure

Tools to Prevent Hard Drive Failure

Today, the standard Hard drive is still the one thing in your computer that is the most mechanical piece. This will be the case until Solid State Drives became more affordable and compatible with the hardware. Having a hard disk failure means that your computer is dead unless you have a running RAID environment. To protect yourself from a hard drive failure you need to be able to predict it. To predict such a thing you need to have a third-party software that is designed to monitor and analyze how your hard drive works. Here is a short list of some of that software.


Crystal is a utility software that supports even external drives like USB. This software will show you an incredible amount of disk information. It has the option to run in the background. The information it provides includes temperature readings, read/write errors and power management tools throughout the whole day.

HD Tune

This is a very simple hard drive disk scanning software that includes real-time temperature monitoring. HD tune uses the SMART based technology. It has benchmarking, advanced diagnostics and most importantly it has a disk scanning utility.

HDD Health

Tools to Prevent Hard Drive FailureThis is very similar software to the HD tune that is designed to help you predict and prevent hard disk failures. Like most of these disk scanners, it has a real-time temperature monitoring, but also provides a health indicator that shows you health by percentage, gives a firmware revision, and the capacity of the drive. It also includes extended drive information where you can see things like DMA, LBA or IORDY.

There are some people who don’t trust these programs if you one of those people there are some programs that are provided by the manufacturers of the hard drive. Here is a list that contains some of the major manufacturers.

FUJITSU provides very reliable software that supports all forms of internal connection and it is capable of doing a diagnostic testing.

Hitachi, there are several diagnostic tools made for Hitachi drives that can analyze, optimize and protect your hard drive from any failure.

Samsung This Samsung software will only work with Samsung hard Drives. It comes in an offline bootable disk form that can be started no matter on the current state of your hard drive.

Western Digital In order to determine the state of your hard disk, you first need to select the specific hard drive that you have. When you have successfully selected the product that you have you can have the option of analyzing it.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drives or SSD as most people know have become very popular in the past few years. Recovering lost data from SSD is much more difficult that from a regular Hard Drive mostly because they haven’t been around for long. However, some of the methods used to recover data from traditional Hard drives can be also used to recover lost or deleted data from an SSD.

SSD Data Recovery

Some methods for recovering lost and formatted data from an SSD can cost a lot mostly because the technology is still new. Being new means that there are a small group of people that actually knows what to do and how with an SSD. Some reports stated that “Solid state technology represents an entirely new view on data saving.

How SSD’s work

SSD Data RecoverySolid State Drive uses a special type of memory called Flash Memory. Flash Memory is very similar to RAM. However, SSD memory doesn’t lose any of your files when there is no power like RAM does. SSD and regular Hard drives are very much different. The hard drive uses magnetic plates and reading needle to work, it looks like a vinyl record. On the other hand, SSD’s to quickly receive and send data are using a grid of electrical cells. Those grids are made into sections –Pages where data is stored. Something that SSD’s have better than regular Hard Drives is the lightning fast speed. Of course, it has some disadvantages like the fact that one can only sustain a set number of writes before it dies. Solid state drives users don’t have to worry about mechanical components breaking over time, but still have to worry about the electronic parts like capacitors going bad.

There is no doubt about it that flash drives or SSD’s will eventually replace hard drives. When that time comes, all the disadvantages and issues with flash drives will be terminated. Having an SSD is good because it uses less power – saves notebook battery life, decreases its weight, it is quieter than a regular Hard drive and it has better reading speed.

SSD Recovery Software

A very simple and user-friendly recovery software for SSD is EaseUS Data recovery wizard. The best part about it that is free, it is the best choice for every windows user.     If you have an SSD and you suffer from loss data, by using data recovery software like EaseUS you will be able to restore unlimited data. You can also use this software for your hard drive, external hard drive, and any memory cards.

This software above may or may not be able to resolve serious hard drive damage. If you worry about the safety of your files and want to make sure nothing bad happens to them, we strongly recommend to either clone your hard drive or make a backup of your data before anything bad happens.

What Causes Data Loss

What Causes Data Loss

There are a lot of different reasons why hard drive data loss can occur. These are the most common ones.

Hard Drive Failure

What Causes Data Loss

Hard Drives are known to stop working after a certain amount of time. Just like any computer part, it is not made to last forever. Some of the things that can lead to hard drive failure are sudden shocks when you accidentally drop your computer or the hard drive itself or high voltage changes that can cause serious damage to some computer parts.

Hard Drive Reformation

Reformatting a hard drive means that you will delete all files from it. Problems can happen when people forget that they have some important files that they need to keep and they reformat the hard drive. Even after a hard disk was reformatted files lost in the process can be recovered if you get a professional to do it with a powerful recovery software.

Deleting Files by Accident

This probably has happened to all of us. When casually deleting files that are no longer needed you accidentally delete one that was still important to you. Also, this can happen when you delete software that you don’t use anymore and in the process, the software deletes some files that were created using that software. Some people think the files are lost forever, but if done right, they can be recovered with the help of some professional software.

Corruption of Files

Tips to Avoid Costly Data RecoveryThis usually happens when a virus infects your computer, you save data on some bad sectors or due to power failure. Viruses can make your files unusable when they infect it because they change the structure. Saving your files on a bad sector means that you save your files on a hard drive that is already corrupted. When that happens usually the data cannot be saved. Power Failures can affect files when they are in the middle of the transfer and the transfer is not complete or while the file is being edited.

System Failure

For sure this is everyone’s nightmare. When you cannot start up your computer and access your files. Of course, this usually happens at the worst possible time, when you are desperately in need of some files or documents on the computer. Some of the reasons which can cause a system failure are a malfunctioning RAM, dead power supply, motherboard failure, processor failure or a failed hard drive.

Tips to Avoid Costly Data Recovery

Tips to Avoid Costly Data Recovery

Tips to Avoid Costly Data RecoveryEvery business runs into the problem of losing some valuable files due to a hard drive failure at some point. These files can be photos, emails, spreadsheets, videos or databases. The other problem that businesses can have is that files get corrupted to the point they are no longer usable. To be able to recover lost data, many people choose to hire a company that specializes in hard drive data recovery. The problem is that they do not guarantee that the files can be recovered and there is a possibility that your data is lost forever. To prevent that from happening, you need to have a backup of your whole system. That way you can easily access and recover any lost data.

Where to back up your files

As technology advances every day, new possibilities open up where you can store your data. Here are our three personal favorite locations you can store the backup.

External Hard Drives –The thing that makes external hard drives a good choice is that they are very portable and fairly cheap. There is a huge variety of external hard drives, the main thing to look for when buying one is the capacity. You always want to have more space than the amount of data you have. If you are looking to store some text files and documents, a smaller capacity drive will be enough for you, but if you want to store photos and videos you might have to buy one that has large storage capacity.

Tips to Avoid Costly Data Recovery


Cloud Storage– Nowadays huge companies like Microsoft, Dropbox, Google have big cloud storage services that allow their users to save files on their servers. Once a user uploads a file to the server, it will be accessible to them at anytime from anywhere in the world. Every cloud storage offers a certain amount of free storage for everyone. If a user needs more and wants to increase the capacity he needs to pay. The same goes for the web hosting industry with their cloud hosting offerings, when a cloud hosted website goes down, the other data centres of that cloud can pick up the issue and prevent actual data loss.

Personal Servers- People who want to have their backups with them at all times and don’t want to use external hard drives or cloud storage can install a personal server where they can upload anything. This method is very similar to the cloud one, except that the server you upload is yours. These servers can be purchased from any computer store or if you know your ways around the technology you can build yourself one.

How does Data Recovery Work

How does Data Recovery Work

How does Data Recovery WorkThere are a few different methods people use to recover lost data from hard drives. According to Computer Fixperts, a hard drive data recovery service in Brisbane, what method you need to use to recover lost data usually depends on how the data was lost in the first place. Most people don’t know this, but when you delete a file, it actually stays on the hard drive until you overwrite it with another file. So acting fast in this kind of situations can give you the advantage of finding your lost or deleted files. You need to be extremely careful when you accidentally delete some important file. Even the smallest things you do on your computer can result in you overwriting the file and that way it will be lost forever. Things like browsing the internet can result in overwriting your file because when you are using a browser it will create cookies and store cache. The last thing you want to do is to lose your files and documents because of cookies and cache.

When you install a software for the file and data recovery, you are risking to overwrite the lost files with the installation. The safest thing to do if you don’t want to backup your system is to have some software for data recovery installed to avoid the risk of overwriting the lost files.

 How to recover data

In the case you accidentally delete your file, you can use a recovery software such as TestDisk. This software uses complex algorithms that search for small pieces of information that are left on the hard drive after deletion, in order to know where exactly the file was located physically. If the software finds the right location, there is a high chance you will get the lost files back from the hard drive. Windows NTFS file system saves the file description information after the user deletes a file. That makes it easier for recovery software to find the files using that information. Systems like FAT and UTF, delete much more information about the file when deleting and because of that recovery software have a more difficult job to find the location of those files on the disc.

Hard Drive Renewal

Hard Drive Renewal

Everyone knows that regularly maintaining your computer is important if you want to keep it in good condition. There are many third party programs that are designed to keep your computer in good shape. Some operating systems like Microsoft Windows have a built in program to help you take care of your computer much easier. We made a short list with some of the things you can do to clean up your Hard Drive.

Making a Backup

One of Microsoft system tools is a backup program that is designed to save the current state of your computer. It is extremely useful when the user deletes some crucial file by accident or if some of the files needed to run the operating system get corrupted. The Windows restore tool, regularly creates series of backup points so the user can go back in case of an emergency. Sadly, it will not recover any personal files like emails. You can back save your system backup on a variety of devices CD’s, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive and much more. Regardless what device you end up using, having a backup of your system can save you from a lot of stress if something bad happens to your computer.

Hard Drive Renewal

Cleaning the Hard Drive

Hard Drive RenewalIt is important to delete files you no longer use to from time to time. To remove software that you don’t use anymore, try using the Add or Remove Programs function on your computer. It will show you the list of all installed software on your computer so you can just delete the ones you don’t use anymore. You can also use commercial software to safely remove any old program. By using a commercial utility software, you will also clean up any unintentional clutter on the Hard Drive like history on your web browser, some temporary files, lost shortcuts and much more. Some of the best commercial utility software you can find are WinBackup, Norton CleanSweep, McAfee QuickClean. But if you want to stay with the Windows tools, the Disk Cleanup tool will serve you well.


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