There are a lot of different reasons why hard drive data loss can occur. These are the most common ones.

Hard Drive Failure

What Causes Data Loss

Hard Drives are known to stop working after a certain amount of time. Just like any computer part, it is not made to last forever. Some of the things that can lead to hard drive failure are sudden shocks when you accidentally drop your computer or the hard drive itself or high voltage changes that can cause serious damage to some computer parts.

Hard Drive Reformation

Reformatting a hard drive means that you will delete all files from it. Problems can happen when people forget that they have some important files that they need to keep and they reformat the hard drive. Even after a hard disk was reformatted files lost in the process can be recovered if you get a professional to do it with a powerful recovery software.

Deleting Files by Accident

This probably has happened to all of us. When casually deleting files that are no longer needed you accidentally delete one that was still important to you. Also, this can happen when you delete software that you don’t use anymore and in the process, the software deletes some files that were created using that software. Some people think the files are lost forever, but if done right, they can be recovered with the help of some professional software.

Corruption of Files

Tips to Avoid Costly Data RecoveryThis usually happens when a virus infects your computer, you save data on some bad sectors or due to power failure. Viruses can make your files unusable when they infect it because they change the structure. Saving your files on a bad sector means that you save your files on a hard drive that is already corrupted. When that happens usually the data cannot be saved. Power Failures can affect files when they are in the middle of the transfer and the transfer is not complete or while the file is being edited.

System Failure

For sure this is everyone’s nightmare. When you cannot start up your computer and access your files. Of course, this usually happens at the worst possible time, when you are desperately in need of some files or documents on the computer. Some of the reasons which can cause a system failure are a malfunctioning RAM, dead power supply, motherboard failure, processor failure or a failed hard drive.