Everyone knows that regularly maintaining your computer is important if you want to keep it in good condition. There are many third party programs that are designed to keep your computer in good shape. Some operating systems like Microsoft Windows have a built in program to help you take care of your computer much easier. We made a short list with some of the things you can do to clean up your Hard Drive.

Making a Backup

One of Microsoft system tools is a backup program that is designed to save the current state of your computer. It is extremely useful when the user deletes some crucial file by accident or if some of the files needed to run the operating system get corrupted. The Windows restore tool, regularly creates series of backup points so the user can go back in case of an emergency. Sadly, it will not recover any personal files like emails. You can back save your system backup on a variety of devices CD’s, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive and much more. Regardless what device you end up using, having a backup of your system can save you from a lot of stress if something bad happens to your computer.

Hard Drive Renewal

Cleaning the Hard Drive

Hard Drive RenewalIt is important to delete files you no longer use to from time to time. To remove software that you don’t use anymore, try using the Add or Remove Programs function on your computer. It will show you the list of all installed software on your computer so you can just delete the ones you don’t use anymore. You can also use commercial software to safely remove any old program. By using a commercial utility software, you will also clean up any unintentional clutter on the Hard Drive like history on your web browser, some temporary files, lost shortcuts and much more. Some of the best commercial utility software you can find are WinBackup, Norton CleanSweep, McAfee QuickClean. But if you want to stay with the Windows tools, the Disk Cleanup tool will serve you well.