These days almost everyone uses SD cards to store pictures or videos on them. Every smaller portable camera needs an SD card to be able to take pictures. A lot of those people don’t really think about securing those pictures or videos and because of that lack of security people get frustrated and mad when they lose data from the SD card.

What are SD cards

SD Card and USB Data Recovery

SD cards or Secure Digital is a type of flash memory that is mostly used in digital cameras or cell phones to expand the memory. They are used to store all kind of data like pictures, videos, documents, applications and much more. You can find them in many different capacities that are ranging from 256 MB to 128 GB everything that has larger capacity is considered to be an external hard drive. Some of the best SD card manufacturers are SanDisk, Toshiba, and Panasonic.     No matter the quality of them any SD card can have a data loss. When that happens you need to act quickly and recover any lost or deleted data before you overwrite it by accident.

SD Card Recovery Software

To have a good and reliable software is important if you want to recover your lost or deleted files from SD card.

CardRecovery is maybe the most popular one for recovering lost data from SD cards. It can recover deleted, formatted, lost or corrupted files. The interface is wizard-styled that offers the users a simple and easy way to recover files from SD. It supports all kind of brands SanDisk, Toshiba, Lexar, Transcend and more. If you know what are you doing it will take you probably less than 10 minutes to recover any lost data from your SD card. When you accidentally delete let’s say a picture, the picture will not be fully erased from the SD card. To prevent overwriting the memory, make sure not to put any additional pictures on that SD card SD Card and USB Data Recoverybefore you recover everything you need from them. The CardRecovery software is easy to use, all you need to do is to enter the drive letter, camera and file type and a destination folder where the software will save all the recovered files.

To be able to use any recovery software you need to have the camera appear as a Drive letter when it is connected to a computer. If there is no drive letter you might need an SD card reader installed to allow recovery software to work and access your SD card. Many computers have already a built-in card reader.

There is a lot of different data recovery software packages on the internet, usually, to use them you need to buy the software. Some of them are not worth the money because they are not doing a good job at recovering the lost files. So, before purchasing make sure to do a good research on the software.

However recovering Data from a Hard drive, SD card or any other storage device is a complicated process. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to losing your data forever, so it is best to leave recovering data to professionals who will recover any data using powerful recovering tools.