Solid State Drives or SSD as most people know have become very popular in the past few years. Recovering lost data from SSD is much more difficult that from a regular Hard Drive mostly because they haven’t been around for long. However, some of the methods used to recover data from traditional Hard drives can be also used to recover lost or deleted data from an SSD.

SSD Data Recovery

Some methods for recovering lost and formatted data from an SSD can cost a lot mostly because the technology is still new. Being new means that there are a small group of people that actually knows what to do and how with an SSD. Some reports stated that “Solid state technology represents an entirely new view on data saving.

How SSD’s work

SSD Data RecoverySolid State Drive uses a special type of memory called Flash Memory. Flash Memory is very similar to RAM. However, SSD memory doesn’t lose any of your files when there is no power like RAM does. SSD and regular Hard drives are very much different. The hard drive uses magnetic plates and reading needle to work, it looks like a vinyl record. On the other hand, SSD’s to quickly receive and send data are using a grid of electrical cells. Those grids are made into sections –Pages where data is stored. Something that SSD’s have better than regular Hard Drives is the lightning fast speed. Of course, it has some disadvantages like the fact that one can only sustain a set number of writes before it dies. Solid state drives users don’t have to worry about mechanical components breaking over time, but still have to worry about the electronic parts like capacitors going bad.

There is no doubt about it that flash drives or SSD’s will eventually replace hard drives. When that time comes, all the disadvantages and issues with flash drives will be terminated. Having an SSD is good because it uses less power – saves notebook battery life, decreases its weight, it is quieter than a regular Hard drive and it has better reading speed.

SSD Recovery Software

A very simple and user-friendly recovery software for SSD is EaseUS Data recovery wizard. The best part about it that is free, it is the best choice for every windows user.     If you have an SSD and you suffer from loss data, by using data recovery software like EaseUS you will be able to restore unlimited data. You can also use this software for your hard drive, external hard drive, and any memory cards.

This software above may or may not be able to resolve serious hard drive damage. If you worry about the safety of your files and want to make sure nothing bad happens to them, we strongly recommend to either clone your hard drive or make a backup of your data before anything bad happens.