Tips to Avoid Costly Data RecoveryEvery business runs into the problem of losing some valuable files due to a hard drive failure at some point. These files can be photos, emails, spreadsheets, videos or databases. The other problem that businesses can have is that files get corrupted to the point they are no longer usable. To be able to recover lost data, many people choose to hire a company that specializes in hard drive data recovery. The problem is that they do not guarantee that the files can be recovered and there is a possibility that your data is lost forever. To prevent that from happening, you need to have a backup of your whole system. That way you can easily access and recover any lost data.

Where to back up your files

As technology advances every day, new possibilities open up where you can store your data. Here are our three personal favorite locations you can store the backup.

External Hard Drives –The thing that makes external hard drives a good choice is that they are very portable and fairly cheap. There is a huge variety of external hard drives, the main thing to look for when buying one is the capacity. You always want to have more space than the amount of data you have. If you are looking to store some text files and documents, a smaller capacity drive will be enough for you, but if you want to store photos and videos you might have to buy one that has large storage capacity.

Tips to Avoid Costly Data Recovery


Cloud Storage– Nowadays huge companies like Microsoft, Dropbox, Google have big cloud storage services that allow their users to save files on their servers. Once a user uploads a file to the server, it will be accessible to them at anytime from anywhere in the world. Every cloud storage offers a certain amount of free storage for everyone. If a user needs more and wants to increase the capacity he needs to pay. The same goes for the web hosting industry with their cloud hosting offerings, when a cloud hosted website goes down, the other data centres of that cloud can pick up the issue and prevent actual data loss.

Personal Servers- People who want to have their backups with them at all times and don’t want to use external hard drives or cloud storage can install a personal server where they can upload anything. This method is very similar to the cloud one, except that the server you upload is yours. These servers can be purchased from any computer store or if you know your ways around the technology you can build yourself one.