Today, the standard Hard drive is still the one thing in your computer that is the most mechanical piece. This will be the case until Solid State Drives became more affordable and compatible with the hardware. Having a hard disk failure means that your computer is dead unless you have a running RAID environment. To protect yourself from a hard drive failure you need to be able to predict it. To predict such a thing you need to have a third-party software that is designed to monitor and analyze how your hard drive works. Here is a short list of some of that software.


Crystal is a utility software that supports even external drives like USB. This software will show you an incredible amount of disk information. It has the option to run in the background. The information it provides includes temperature readings, read/write errors and power management tools throughout the whole day.

HD Tune

This is a very simple hard drive disk scanning software that includes real-time temperature monitoring. HD tune uses the SMART based technology. It has benchmarking, advanced diagnostics and most importantly it has a disk scanning utility.

HDD Health

Tools to Prevent Hard Drive FailureThis is very similar software to the HD tune that is designed to help you predict and prevent hard disk failures. Like most of these disk scanners, it has a real-time temperature monitoring, but also provides a health indicator that shows you health by percentage, gives a firmware revision, and the capacity of the drive. It also includes extended drive information where you can see things like DMA, LBA or IORDY.

There are some people who don’t trust these programs if you one of those people there are some programs that are provided by the manufacturers of the hard drive. Here is a list that contains some of the major manufacturers.

FUJITSU provides very reliable software that supports all forms of internal connection and it is capable of doing a diagnostic testing.

Hitachi, there are several diagnostic tools made for Hitachi drives that can analyze, optimize and protect your hard drive from any failure.

Samsung This Samsung software will only work with Samsung hard Drives. It comes in an offline bootable disk form that can be started no matter on the current state of your hard drive.

Western Digital In order to determine the state of your hard disk, you first need to select the specific hard drive that you have. When you have successfully selected the product that you have you can have the option of analyzing it.